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Proposal Writing for High Value Conversions

As a proposal writer I want to help you increase your chance of securing a profitable contract!

If you can’t realise a profit from the work you write you will not see out the long term in our challenging economy.

You may write a loss leading proposal once or twice and tell yourself it is strategic, but this approach is simply not sustainable in times like these.

So how can your proposal tap into the unspoken portion of the “budget” that actually represents what the customer can pay?

Our proposals do this by increasing the value your customers perceive and by empowering your customers with choice!

After all, if your proposal does not offer a high end option, how can your customers select one?

At Paryn we focus on proposals, not tenders, because proposals offer a much greater chance at a profit! They are proactive, not reactive! They are only limited by the genuine value you can add and are not subject to the strict conditions, limitations and price dictation of a tender.

Our proposal writers work closely with you to explore the full scope of the value you can offer and then coach you to ask the right questions of your customer so you can learn what their needs really are.

Our proposals quickly get to the point too. Your customer doesn’t want to toil through a long complicated proposal that tries to justify a price with lengthy words and lots of data.

Customers are not price sensitive, they are value conscious!

At Paryn we guarantee a document that is professionally written and error free!

Improve Profitability in Your Sales Operations

Paryn provides sales support services that enable sales people to take pride in their work, play to their strengths and perform at their best.

Sales Administration

Paryn’s sales administration service ensures your sales people are well informed and enabled to do their job to the best of their ability.

We handle the in-office administration so your sales team are free to keep interacting with their leads and customers – full time.

Ask us about pricing support, proposal writing, customer and market analysis, market research, CRM management, sales reporting and budgeting, KPI development & measurement and after action reviews.

Sales Process Improvement

Paryn works with you and your sales team to define your sales process and then present it in user friendly form. Simple visual reference tools will provide excellent training aids, prompts and check lists and are an essential quality management tool.

Paryn will also handle:

  • Documentation and distribution of policies, processes, workflows and training tools.
  • Presentations for company conferences, breakfast briefings and process launches.

Knowledge Sharing

Every day, your people find opportunities to make their jobs easier and meet their KPIs. We actively work with you to create a work environment that fosters and rewards this behaviour and encourages the sharing of ideas.

Paryn supports knowledge cultures by integrating knowledge sharing into daily deliverables, providing tools for knowledge capture, structuring incentives to promote knowledge sharing and providing content management for knowledge libraries.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring reduces marketing and sales mistakes by quickly identifying qualified leads and removing time wasters. Lead scoring also helps sales people manage their time efficiently by correctly identifying a lead's readiness to buy. We help your sales people work out which leads to pursue, which to prioritise and how much time to spend on a lead.

Contact us to co-design a sales support solution for your business.

Don’t Manage. Motivate!

Do you want:

A positive, productive sales team that is fully engaged and exceeds expectations?

There are four ingredients to every evaluation of the progress and performance of your sales team.

Only one of these is the numbers!

Don’t deplete the emotional resources and resilience your sales people rely upon to do their job.

Instead place the sales figures in perspective by also acknowledging and incentivising your sales people on the other contributions they are making to one another and their customers every day.

KPI Development

Paryn works with you and your team to define relevant and realistic KPIs around sales achievement, team collaboration, customer experience and personal wellbeing.

Critically, we work with you to consult with your team about their KPIs to obtain their agreement and buy-in.

Positive Performance Measurement

The Daily Dynamo is a sales report that will motivate your sales people to excel individually and as a team. Placing Sales Goals, Team Goals, Customer Goals and Personal Goals front and centre it provides a balanced and positive approach to achievement at work and in life.

This report will increase the happiness, wellbeing and engagement of your sales people and they will reward you for it with better results!

Be the first to experience the daily lift this report will deliver to your sales culture and performance. Contact Paryn to discuss the Daily Dynamo.

What Are You Good At?

Nothing delivers better outcomes than the right person in the right job!

Strengths based deployment of sales staff can massively increase your sales productivity and performance.

According to Gallup* “Employees who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged at work.”

Gallup’s* research has also revealed that sales leaders who support natural talent, nurture strengths and regularly monitor employee engagement, dramatically improve revenue outcomes - by up to 59% per employee.

The sales function is huge. It encompasses many kinds of jobs that require many different strengths.

My own career demonstrates the scope of the sales discipline. You have people who will excel in each of these areas – so place them there and watch them thrive.

*Gallup 2014

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About Us

Our values include:

  • Teamwork

We value and respect the input of all members of your team. We believe the best results are achieved when the strengths, knowledge and networks of all stakeholders are used together. Not only does this create an empowering sense of ownership, it can increase your marketing options.

  • Inclusive Consultation

To this end our consultation with your team is broad. Whilst we acknowledge that this takes time, we are confident that it is time well spent. New plans and programs have a far greater chance of success if the response has been devised by those affected.

  • Collaborative Problem Solving

We encourage collaborative problem solving. We recognise that all ideas have value. We believe that when all people contribute and cooperate, an organisation can build the resilience and responsiveness necessary to survive.

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